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Sunny Ahonsi

Founder of MediLives

DR SUNNY AHONSI (PhD, MBA, BA, FCCA, FOTHM, ACILT, ACIS, ACEA, MCIM, MIVA, DIPM) a Chartered Accountant and Business Consultant who has worked extensively as a training consultant in the Private, Public and Voluntary sectors, has also managed several start-ups and helped many SMEs to raise and secure the finances to accelerate the growth of their businesses.

Sunny has inspired the development of many highly-regarded organisations across the globe. His method is working with them to guide and thus to provide their own uniquely innovative developmental solutions; to generate their business’ true collective value by always understanding and investing in their own people’s truly distinct values; that collective growth is maximised by investing in individuals’ growth; that the business’ performances depend on everybody concerned cooperating purposefully in an ethos of everyone involved recognising, understanding and respecting everybody’s own specific developmental strengths...that this strength, when unified intelligently in common resolve, is the surest way to succeed.

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