Why Rent a Room, Not a Flat?

I am going to tell you Why You Should Consider Renting a Room Rather Than a Flat in London:

Living in a flatshare means that a group of generally unrelated people are joining together to rent a property.

The difference between a flatshare and a houseshare is the fact that a flat share is a share of a flat and the houseshare is a share of a house.

Renting a room is slightly different because there are slightly different rules.

In the case of a flatshare, the whole property is rented under a joint contract, whereas in the case of renting a room individually, you are only signing a contract for the individual room.
In most cases each person has their own room and shares the bathroom, kitchen and (in some cases) living room.
In a lot of cases, living rooms are also rented out in order to keep the cost of individual rooms down.
A lot of the times the rooms have different prices according to size.

Some agencies may ask you to pay a deposit upfront of a minimum 1 month, plus up to 6 months’ rent in advance for the whole flat, which is three to five times more than an individual room.

For getting a flat, you need good references and a solid proof of income (whereas for getting a room, you don’t)
For getting a flat, you need to be credit checked. That means checking whether you have a good credit history (if you have paid all your debts to the banks etc.)
If you rent a flat, then you are liable to pay for the bills that haven’t been paid by other people who share the flat with you
You can’t leave generally without either finding someone to replace you or otherwise your departure will mean the end of the joint contract, therefore everyone may be forced to leave. (your notice will end the tenancy for everyone, although in most cases the landlords or agencies will allow the other tenants to re sign a new contract.)

Flats get rented for a period of minimum 6 months generally (therefore less flexibility)
If you want to leave early, you are liable to pay the rent and bills even if you leave early, for the period until the contract finishes
If you rent a flat in your own name then if the people you have taken the contract with don’t pay for their rent, you are liable to pay for it
If you rent a flat, it doesn’t generally come with a hoover, iron and kitchen pots and pans and utensils whereas rooms to rent do have all that generally

Post Written by Lily Patrascu, General Manager of Purple Stone Rooms.
For more information please send an email to lily@purplestonerooms.com. Please check out our websites to find out how we can help you find a job, an English course or a room to rent.