New to London? Here’s how to find a job

Looking for a job is hard enough. Add the out-of-town factor, and it could seem insurmountable. What can you do to help smooth the way to find opportunities in another city or state?

Stop adding your local address to your resume. It’s not unheard of, in today’s era of privacy concerns, for people to omit their physical addresses from their resumes in favor of an email and phone number only.

Get a “local” phone number. It’s easier than you think — just sign up for Google Voice, which is a free service from Google. You can access Google Voice directly from your Gmail account. Choose a number local to your target city, and have the calls forwarded directly to whatever number or numbers you normally answer.

Identify organizations and companies that interest you in your target location. Narrow down your focus as much as you can, since you’ll need to concentrate your efforts. Once you choose three to five companies of interest, start searching your networks to see if you know anyone who works there.

Work your networks to make in-roads at those organizations:

LinkedIn — Use the “advanced” search feature on LinkedIn. Select it from the top, right toolbar and limit your search to the companies on your list. You may be surprised to find contacts in your network who work there or know someone who does.

Facebook — Consider signing up for BeKnown or BranchOut, two applications that help you create a professional network among your Facebook friends.

Twitter — There are many tools to help you identify tweeters at target companies. Search (which searches Twitter bios — people often list where they work in their bios) or TwellowHood (a local directory of Twitter users from Twellow). Also, check out TwitterLocal for a more geographical spin to Twitter search.

Find organizations and associations in your target location. Find groups in your target city and identify ways to be active from afar. Learn about their events and try to plan a trip to attend one if possible. Note the leadership team and make an effort to network with them.

It’s not impossible to successfully land an out-of-town job, but it is a challenge. Give yourself every advantage by making full use of social media tools.

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