Accelerated Learning Techniques

Science suggests that the human mind has an almost infinite potential for learning and processing information.

So why do you forget someone’s name when you run into him at the store?And why do you:

  • Misplace your car keys?
  • Read an entire book and remember only pieces of it?
  • Totally forget about a meeting you scheduled?
  • Have a hard time remembering where you parked your car?
  • Struggle to get through important information because you simply can’t concentrate
  • Listen to a presentation and then promptly forget everything the presenter said?

There is an answer.

The problem is – and has always been – how to access the incredible power of your mind.
Here are some techniques you could use to focus when doing accelerated learning:

1. Teach someone else what you are learning.
Practice the accelerated learning system in short bursts of 30 minutes of study. Take frequent rests. To really soak up the knowledge, plan to teach what you are learning to someone else. Having to be accountable for someone else’s learning will make you pay more attention and really learn the material.

2. Ask questions.
Intelligence grows through curiosity. By formulating questions about the subjects you are studying, you become very focused on getting the answers. You zero in on the information, sifting through it to pick up the important points that answer the questions you set.

3. What’s in it for me?
Motivate yourself to concentrate and absorb the info by asking, “What will I get out out of it? How will learning this information benefit me in the long run?” By focusing on all the ways it will benefit you, you give yourself more and more reasons to learn and studying becomes easier.

4. Describe aloud in your own words.
Center yourself, focus on your program of learning and begin describing aloud the information that you have been researching. Paraphrasing aloud, particularly at speed, causes you to dredge up and make conscious what you have learnt, and exposes the gaps in your knowledge that you can re-cover until it is part of you.

5. Draw a picture and write in your own words.
Speed learning involves 8 multiple intelligences, including visual and linguistic. You harness your right brain visual abilities by drawing pictures that help illuminate your notes and which stick in your mind. Mind-mapping is especially recommended. Also draw on your linguistic intelligence by re-writing the information you are studying in your own words. This all helps change the information from something that is alien and foreign to something that is familiar and comfortable and accessible.

When you master Accelerated Learning Techniques, your entire life improves.

You’ll learn to:

  • Read much faster than you can now – discover the perks of speed reading
  • Improve memory and sharpen concentration
  • Process information at least 3 times faster than you can right now
  • Propel yourself to new levels of personal performance

Post Written by Lily Patrascu, General Manager of Purple Stone Rooms.
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