Renting a Room May Be the Best Solution for You

Let me tell you why you should consider renting a room in London, and five reasons why renting a room is the best option.

London has a lot of accommodation options: hotel rooms, hostels, rooms to rent in a flat share, entire flats or room shares. London has one of the most expensive house markets in Europe. Renting in London has become prohibitively expensive and a lot of people are priced out of renting in London. The only way in which one can easily make the best out of London is by renting a room or sharing a room in a rented flat or house.

So I am going to give you five reasons why you should consider renting a room:
It is the cheapest solution for settling in, especially in the beginning, when your priorities are improving your English (if you don’t master it already), exploring London and everything it has to offer, and finding work to cover your costs.
Renting a room gives you a chance to make new friends and experience different cultures.
It allows you to discover a particular area.
Banks are reluctant to lend any money to buy a flat, therefore renting is the only choice!
You don’t need to commit to living there for a long time, since you can generally rent a room for 3 months or less, although there is generally a requirement to stay minimum three months; that offers you a lot of flexibility in terms of your mobility, since if you are changing jobs you can easily move to a room closer to work.
Purple Stone Rooms currently has some great rooms available in zone 2, close to the tube and/or train station, and bus station.The rooms benefit from fast wireless internet, a lovely atmosphere, living with young people and students from Europe, and they are located in great areas in East London such as Westferry, Canary Wharf, Bow, Limehouse. The houses are close to lovely supermarkets and shops.
The bills are all included and the rooms are fully furnished with everything necessary for a lovely stay.

Post Written by HERADES SARDINAS, General Director of Purple Stone Rooms.
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